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Carol Blackburn McDonald

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In the wild, 2004, 18''x24'', oil/huile

              Carol Blackburn-McDonald
                  Artiste-peintre / Painter /  Photographer
                                   Gore, Qc
                           tel.: (450) 562-4458
             e-mail: sunsetlake284<at>

Curious, acrylic, 16 x 20, 2009
Carol McDonald



Carol Blackburn McDonald was born in Montreal, Quebec, and moved up to the Argenteuil region in 1971.  Carol takes great pleasure in painting portraits, animals, flowers and landscapes.  Her style tends to go towards traditional, impressionism and soft-lined Romantic painting.  It pleases her to create art that lets the viewer walk into the picture.  She says:  “I love this country and I love exploring and painting it.” Her paintings are varied in medium. Depending on her mood or subject, she will use oil, acrylic, watercolours or pastels. 


Carol has participated in several exhibitions in Quebec and Ontario as well as La Route des Arts 2000.  Her artwork is on display in offices in Montreal and Ontario and in private collections across Canada, the United States, England and Scotland.


Joined Arts Morin-Heights in 2001.


Sunset and relection on lake, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Carol McDonald peind surtout dans un style traditionnel et réaliste, mais peut emprunter un style impressionniste et romantique  à l'occasion. Ses sujets sont variés. Carol aime peindre des portraits autant que des paysages et la faune.  Elle avance: '' J'aime bien ''mon pays'', et  je le peind le plus souvent possible''. Carol a participé à de nombreuses expositions tant au Québec qu'en Ontario. En 2000, elle a participé à ''LA Route des Arts'' d'Argenteuil. Ses toiles ornent les murs de bureaux de plusieurs compagnies, à Montréal ainsi qu'en Ontario. Ses oeuvres se retrouvent dans des collections privées de par le Canada, les États-Unis, l'Angleterre et l'Ecosse


S'est jointe à Arts Morin Heights en 2001.

City sunset, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Touch of winter, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Harvest moon over lake, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Window #1, 10x12, acrylic, 2009
Carol McDonald

Window #2, 10x12, acrylic, 2009
Carol McDonald

Cooper, 11x14, acrylic, 2009
Carol McDonald


Winter's flowers with a touch of snow, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Lila 2012, 11x14 acrylic
Carol McDonald

Winter's flowers, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald


Sunset and branch, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Olde Homestead 2012, 11x14 acrylic
Carol McDonald

Olde Lobster Trap 2012, 16x20 acrylic
Carol McDonald

Sunshine on lily pads, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Harvest moon, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

In deep thought, photo, 2013
Carol McDonald

Finger Posts 2912, 4x10 watercolour
Carol McDonald